Victoria Cruz, DC

Full Moon Healing Center is the realization of what I have long known to be true: that body I live in, the body you live in is entirely capable of repair and recovery. And sometimes we need guidance and complete illumination to discover the path to greater health.


My own path as a holistic chiropractor, wellness and spiritual coach, and business owner was not always straightforward. Yet, year after year, the revelation of my calling came into view. I pursued an education in both Science and Business Management and eventually earned a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. I have owned and operated private practices in the Bay Area since 1997.


The core of which lies in my approach to treating the “whole person.” I combine traditional and modern modalities to target a wide range of health concerns and help restore the body’s natural vitality. I will explore the mind-body connection during our sessions together, using quantitative measures to create a program, which may include a range of services. During our initial consultation and exam, I will identify conditions that may lie, not only on a physical plane, but an emotional or spiritual one as well.


I look forward to working with you!


Dr. Cruz’s chiropractic training and experience spans more than 25 years, beginning in 1994 at Palmer College of Chiropractic, where she graduated with honors. In 2006, Dr. Cruz was given the opportunity to join the Neuro Emotional Technique team as a seminar instructor. NET has informed much of Dr. Cruz’s practice, as has her post graduate education and training. She is certified in a range of modalities and techniques, including: Chiropractic Neurology; Activator Methods Technique; Craniosacral Therapy; TMJ Disorders; Applied Kinesiology; Neuro Emotional Technique; and Quantum Neurology. Dr. Cruz’s commitment to attaining knowledge is unwavering; she is currently in the certification process for Applied Clinical Nutrition.

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